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Tidying up the garage

by Julie Finch-Scally

Hubby and I are planning to tidy up the garage during this Christmas break.  Over the years boxes have been moved and restacked, but never in the tidy way originally set up.  In fact the whole area looks a mess.

The worst problem is not just the higgledy piggledy mess of boxes, but the leaves that have blown into the garage and accumulated on the ground around everything.  This of course will require moving out all the boxes and containers to get to the leaves.

I feel sure during this removal we will come across many items that will need taking to the recycling centre, but because we cannot see what is behind the boxes we have no idea what is there. 

When we first moved into this property we tried very hard to make the sides of the garage look tidy.  There was a plan and everything had its place.  Now neither Hubby nor I have a clue where anything is, or what is in what.  On top of that many of the plastic tubs are empty and most of the boxes have collapsed.

Having a plan when cleaning out anything, whether it be for moving or just a general tidy up, makes the job so much easier.  Just tossing things here and there makes for a more difficult time when you come to put everything back and search for things at a later date.

We were working out our plan the other week and decided to place boxes in categories, such as one pile for business, another for household storage, another for tools, memorabilia etc.: keeping relative items together helps when looking for things in the future.  We will also be purchasing a couple more metal stands to hold the boxes so they are kept off the ground. 

Because of the inundation of leaves that gather and make such a mess, we will also be putting up protection to stop the leaves coming into the garage in the first place.  This we hope will make life a lot easier. 

So with new shelving, protection to stop the leaves blowing in and items from old boxes in some of those empty plastic tubs our new system for storage in the garage should make it a lot neater.  Well that’s the concept let us hope we achieve our goal and make more space for the car and bike to be housed.  


Saving time cleaning kitchen cupboards

by Julie Finch-Scally

It is getting close to the holiday season.  Being Christmas in Australia it is one of those times where everyone feels they have to have their home looking spotless.  Over the years I have worked out only the entertaining areas need to look clean and tidy, but that doesn’t stop me looking at certain areas, such as inside the kitchen cupboards, and thinking they look filthy.

Last Friday, I decided to do something about it.  I emptied out the articles in the cupboard under the sink, threw away a few tins and empty cleansing products, and began to clean the shelves. 

On further investigation I realised the cupboard was not as dirty as I thought.  What I had noticed, that made me feel it had to be cleaned, was dust and dirt on the shelves.  Once I had cleaned the shelves the whole cupboard under the sink looked much better.

By the time I had returned all the articles and adjusted where I stored everything, I wondered whether it was just dust in the other cupboards that was the problem.  I opened the cupboard door where we store our crockery, and looked carefully.  There was no dirt on the inside of the cupboard door, nor on the side frames.  Where it was dirty was on the shelves, and once again it was dust and the odd crumbs.  All it would require to clean the inside of this cupboards was to repeat what I did with the cupboard under the sink: just remove the articles, clean the shelves and return the items.

Usually when I clean shelves they require strong cleansers, but because it was only dust I was removing it was just an easy case of wiping the shelves over with a damp cloth rinsed out in washing up water.  The middle of the shelf of course is always easy but the corners require more action.  To remove the debris one has to push the cloth right into the point and push down heavily on the cloth making sure all the dust is collected. Once the shelf has been wiped over a dry tea towel is great for removing the moisture.

As it happened I didn’t have any extra time last Friday to go around all the cupboards, but I realised removing the dust from the shelves didn’t take too long, so every morning after washing up the breakfast bits, I have been cleaning out a cupboard.  This way I will have finished each of the kitchen cupboards by Christmas and the kitchen will look fabulous.  Well it will to me, especially when I open the cupboard doors to remove items. 

In future I will add the removing of dust from the cupboard shelves to my once every three monthly routine.  Saves so much time in the end.  

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