Turning out drawers

by Julie Finch-Scally

It is amazing what we find when we are looking for something specific.  I was looking for information on an activity I took part in several years ago and while turning out the drawers discovered so many things I had forgotten I kept.

Now some of the items, such as photos were an instant recall into interesting sectors of my life, but most of what was being stored was old birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards. 

Of course I had kept those cards because they were from family and said something important at the time, but looking back several years later I started to realise that these cards, which were nice but not really important, were taking up valuable space.

That doesn’t mean I took the lot and threw them into the recycling bin.  No, I removed them from the drawers and put them in my working space to go through and sort out. 

Firstly I arranged them into categories of birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.  Then checked each category to see who the card was from and what was said.  Many of them had years they were received and several of them were more than memorable.  It was the more than memorable cards I decided to still keep.  But I didn’t want to just put them back into the drawer and forget about them. 

Now it just so happens that over the past three years; daughter has sent me some very cute and clever Mothers’ Day cards.  The words or the pictures on the front were so clever I have placed the three – one inside each other – on my dressing table so the top one can be seen on a daily basis.  Because there is a window near by, the cards often blow on the floor.  When I pick them up I swap the top card around.  This means I get the benefit of daughter’s cards for longer than Mothers’ Day. 

Because of the success of the rotation of the Mothers’ Day cards I decided to do the same with some of the memorable cards I found in the drawers.  The cute, clever and funny ones I have placed around the house in clumps of three with the intentions of swapping them around when I clean the area where they are sitting. 

As for those other memorable cards that I know I just cannot throw away, they have gone back into the drawer which now has a special space for such memorabilia.  And the ones I know I can do without and don’t mean as much now as before?  Well they have gone the way of all used paper and cardboard, into the recycling bin.


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