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Would you believe I dislike cleaning? I was the kind of person that would leave the dusting or the cleaning of the bathroom until I couldn’t stand it any longer. Then and only then, I would clean. It might be 11 at night, but when the urge hit me I got stuck into the job and made everything sparkle.

Born in England, I migrated to Australia with my family when I was 12. We lived in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney and I attended Crown Street Girls High
School leaving at the age of 16.

I was lucky to work for Channel 7 and ABC Radio Current Affairs during the 1960s. Being able to type gave me the opportunity to work as a News typist for both organisations

The ABC was where I met my husband, but two months after we were married he went down to Antarctica to work for a year. When he returned we travelled to England and both worked there for three years. I worked again in Television and hubby worked on fixing coloured television sets. This was extremely useful because when we returned to Australia colour television was introduced.

Our daughter was born in 1977 and I became a stay at home Mum until she was old enough to join pre-school. I then became involved with a community radio station and presented many different types of radio programmes. I also joined Toastmasters and learned to speak in public. This was of great benefit as it gave me so much more confidence. Although I had studied drama as a child, learning to make speeches was completely different and much more useful.

A few years later I decided to get a university degree, so did a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities by correspondence. This was finally achieved in 1990. While doing the degree I went back to work and joined a bank; another fortuitous occupation. Learning about banking and how the system works was extremely useful, especially when I began my own cleaning business in 1993.

Why cleaning? I’d resigning from the bank and needed a job. Cleaning was the only profession that welcomed me with open arms. There were no queries about my qualifications, as long as I was prepared to do the work. I got the job.

The Duster Dollies was born in 1993. I did the cleaning myself for a while but eventually it was turned into a Franchise and now the name is well known across Australia. Doing the cleaning I learned many things. What products worked; the best way to clean certain areas and articles of furniture, and how to set up a system to save time.  In 2012 I retired from the cleaning industry and became a writer and broadcaster. As the Guru of Cleaning and a consultant in Hygiene Management I now advise people how to clean.

In 2012 and began a Masters Degree in International Law through the Australian National University in Canberra, and in December 2106 awarded my degree thereby making me a LLM(Int)

My background in television and radio has helped me understand what is required when talking with the media. The ability to make speeches has given me the confidence to tell people the best way to clean and my degrees have assisted with my writing so I could put all my knowledge into my books  I have written a published “The Third Oldest Profession” and a series of  available eBooks "Preparing your Apartment for Sale" and "Preparing your House for Sale".   "Preparing your Home for Lease" and "Preparing your Property for Moving after Leasing" will be available by the end of 2017 and early 2017.

And that’s it in a nutshell. I got into cleaning by accident but it has propelled me to greater heights.


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