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Over the years The Duster Dollies and Julie Finch-Scally have become more and more annoyed at the way cleaners are treated by society.  To try and change this, we are starting a campaign to encourage The United Nations to adopt 2020 as 'The Year of the Cleaner'.  We need your support.  If you are a cleaner we would love you to join our 2020 Year of the Cleaner site on Facebook.  At the end of this year Julie will be speaking with members of the World Health Organisation in Geneva to get its support on this great concept.  If you would care for more details contact us through Facebook or this website.







Julie bids you welcome

Having worked in the cleaning industry for over 20 years, I now find people asking my advice on cleaning.

But how did I gain the knowledge that I have written about in my books as well as explain to people who need cleaning expertise?

You can find out more about me and how I got started in the cleaning industry on the About Julie page.

A brief history of The Duster Dollies Pty Ltd

Julie Finch-Scally began the Duster Dollies in 1993. From then she progressively developed the name and reputation of the company by introducing a system for cleaning. 

The system used by all Duster Dollies personnel gave confidence to both cleaners and customers because it ensured the cleaning was consistent.  It also helped The Duster Dollies win awards for their customer service and grow into a well known cleaning business.

The Duster Dollies, once a large franchised cleaning organisation has moved on and become a Consulting Company giving advice on Hygiene Managment and Cleaning.   Julie Finch-Scally the founder is well known for her radio and TV appearances,  public speaking and books on all cleaning matters. 


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